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Kids Summer Camp

You are never too young to love soccer!

Date: Month of August of every year
Our Soccer camp is a great free summer activity for kids. Through practice, coaching, and clinics, your child will learn the fundamentals of soccer and improve his skill level. Our camp has other benefits as well, though. It will allow your child to improve his fitness level, and, through social activities, team work and competition, build their confidence and self-esteem. For teens and older kids at a more advanced level, there are a variety of improvements that can be made to take their game to another level.

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Kids playing soccer

Our camp focuses on the following areas:
Position skills development: Advanced soccer training camps help kids progress in run-making, space-clearing, through play, defensive play, and usage of angles.

Tactical play: Camps and soccer lessons providers offer dedicated teaching in things like one-on-one and two-on-two situations that helps kids and teens think the game more thoroughly, and develop a deeper soccer sense.

Performance improvement: Soccer training at advanced camps or programs includes focused workouts. Kids and teens use these to maximize their speed and agility, increase their stamina, and reduce potential injuries.
We offer individual soccer lessons for kids, tailored to each child’s skill level. This includes but not limited to competitive soccer, where your child will play in games with high-level players, as part of a league or club.

picture of soccer players

This experience will enable your child to be surrounded by other children who share their passion for the sport and gain valuable life skills like confidence, teamwork, and leadership. While we continue to accept donations, we thank all our current sponsors and donors for their relentless support in making this event a reality.