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Cameroon-Canadian Challenge CUP

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The Cameroon-Canadian Challenge (CCC) Cup is a three day tournament that brings soccer teams all over the province of Ontario and beyond. It focuses on community building and to foster mutual relationship and cooperation with other soccer associations and non-for-profit organizations. Equally important, it provides a unique platform for interaction and cooperation between the Cameroonian community living in Canada and Cameroonian-Canadians through soccer.

Since its creation, the club has hosted participating teams from the Great Toronto Area (GTA), Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa and Montreal etc. Winners’ award include but not limited to Fist and Second Place Trophies, Fair play Trophy, Most Valuable Player (MVP), Best Goalkeeper, Best Player, Highest Goals Scorer, Best Referee and the Youngest Player etc. These awards are handled after the game at the Club’s Fundraising Gala & Awards Night. The 2018 participating teams were:

  • 1. 2 – 0 Football Club, Scarborough
  • 2. Camer Social Club, Toronto
  • 3. Scarborough Lions, Scarborough
  • 4. Cameroon Cultural Association, Kitchener / Waterloo
  • 5. Gramen/Sainte Club, Etobicoke
  • 6. COCACO, Ottawa
  • 7. Home Brothers FC, Toronto
  • 8. Union du Nde, Toronto
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The champion of 2018 tournament was COCACO, Ottawa. It is our hope that many more clubs and organizations will join this prestigious summer event as we strive to empower our communities through this game.